Support for .NET Micro Framework Devices

Jan 20, 2010 at 1:36 PM

Although we currently focus on Arduino based devices, I think we all agree the overall goal is to create generic serial protocol to allow communicating with any microcontroller.

In particular .NET Micro Framework devices can be very good alternative because of familar Visual Studio development environment. Some of the development boards already include some sensors. For example I already have the Tahoe II board that has a temperature sensor and accelerometer (plus a Xbee socket so it communicate wirelessly).

Another great product I found today is the FEZ Domino development board based on GHI Electronics USBIzi chipset. It is interesting not only because it is compatible with existing Arduino shields, but they also offer easy access to other sensors in nice packages and with sample code: I think the FEZ Mini Starter Kit could be a good fit for our needs:

GHI team already expressed interest in supporting this scenario so parhaps we could join forces: